They build lockers, We build solutions.

They build lockers, We build solutions. Think Smart Lockers Think TouchlessLockers

It’s the Lock that makes the difference.

Touchless Lockers use the smartest locks on the market – TZ SMArt™ Locks an IoT device with shape memory alloy actuation.

These locks allow you to customize software to best fit desired workflows, whereas key locks have no technology, digital locks only open and close, and digital and electric/solenoid are not intelligent.


TZ SMArt™ Locks and SMArt™ Locks are registered trademarks of TZ, Limited

Why Touchless Lockers?

Touchless package retrieval

Third party integration

Touchless Lockers can be fully integrated with third party systems, including tracking software, Blackboard, CBord for card readers, Shibboleth Single Sign-On, WebFOCUS, Banner and Residential management system, Service Now, Mobile Android and iOS app, and other third part software.

Customized for different markets

  • Touchless Lockers customized for the needs and workflows of different market segments
  • Touchless Lockers’ SMArt™ software specifically developed to perform different functions for different locker applications.

Custom user interfaces

UI workflows, colors and messaging are designed to align with customer operations and brand standards.

Advertising, branding, messaging

Enhance point of pick up advertising, branding, and messaging with locker wraps and dynamic messaging on the kiosk or on integrated monitors.

Touchless Lockers Workflow

Simple to Enterprise Solutions

Touchless Lockers accountable solutions are scalable to protect and enhance your investment

Almost limitless applications

Touchless Lockers SMArt™ locking software is tailored to perform different functions for different locker applications:

Corporate Solutions

Campus Solutions

Retail Solutions

Residential & Other Solutions